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Tenuki Bellezza Version 1.0.2 & Tenuki 2.7.1 Changelog

April 25th, 2019

– Welcome to Tenuki Bellezza!
– Announcing the visual editor! It’s packed with way too many features to list here, you can view the full changelog here: https://cdn.365plus1.ca/delivery/docs/TenukiBellezzaChangelog1219
– Introduced with Endeavor Editon, Tenuki canvas is now the default page rendering service.
– Bellezza Edition is packed with under the hood changes and optimizations, your web environment can run up to 40% faster than Endeavor Edition.
– A Stretch rework is on its way! In the meantime the included Stretch core packages have been updated to reflect this.
– The Tenuki admin panel now lists which Radical Studio your license is associated with.
– Full Radical Studio implementation coming soon.
– Aloe pass has been retired as a login method, a replacement is coming soon.
– Major security changes have been made to reflect what we have learned from the September 15th cyber attacks.
– More and more features are planned to roll out with new “feature drops”, this is our way of pushing new ideas once they are polished instead of waiting for a new Tenuki edition.
– Stay tuned for more!

Earlier Releases

Tenuki Endeavor 1.4.2 & Tenuki 2.5.3 Changelog

April 25th, 2019

– The changes to Tenuki admin panel access has been rolled back due to repeated entry issues with Chromium browsers.
– Many internal changes have been made to support alternative versions of Tenuki.
– Tenuki Canvas is now available as a module for Tenuki Pb, Endeavour, Enterprise and Xe.
– New admin panel theme picker. Get colourful!
– All admin panel header logos have revised a higher resolution refresh.
– Bases managed by 365Internet now feature login screen branding.
– A new 365Internet information page has been added to the Tenuki admin panel.
– Tenuki Ten-Net is now Thirteen Ten-Net or just Ten-Net.

Stretch Networks

Stretch Version 2.1.1 Changelog

April 25th, 2019

– The Stretch Networks plugin has been updated to add support for Tenuki alternative versions. 
– Updated to support Thirteen Ten-Net.

Tenuki 2.5.2 Changelog

April 25th, 2019

– Users can no longer use “https://examplebase.tld/wp-admin” to access the Tenuki admin panel, this link now results in a 404 redirect.
– New password policies are in effect, Tenuki bases managed by 365Internet will receive this update.
– Fixed internal naming conventions to remove “Carnsy”.
– Internal functions no longer require exterior processing my Tenuki CMS layer, Tenuki Endeavor is an example of this.
– Fixed additional broken links.
– Version labels now reflect the updated Tenuki engine.
– Fixed duplicate links on Tenuki admin menu bar.
– A new password policy is enforced, “Tenuki” and “Endeavour” are no longer permitted in base usernames and passwords.
– Continued removal of DevBox services and branding.
– Security updates not already included with Ten-Net.
– “If Managed” during setup now reads “365Internet Install”.
– Managed/365Internet install bool is no longer enforced.
– Stretch Networks Version 2.1 included.

Stretch Networks

Stretch Version 2.1 Changelog

April 25th, 2019

– The Stretch Networks plugin has been updated to support increased Microsoft Azure compatibility. 
– Redundancy mode can no longer be manually activated. 

Tenuki Endeavor 1.4.1 Changelog

March 29th, 2019

– You can access your Tenuki admin panel by navigating to “https://examplebase.tld/tenuki-admin”.
– Fixed duplicate links on Tenuki admin menu bar.
– A new password policy is enforced, “Tenuki” and “Endeavour” are no longer permitted in base usernames and passwords.
– Continued removal of DevBox services and branding.
– Internal code wipe of “Carnsy” due to licensing.
– Added support for CMS version 5.1.1 fixes.
– “Frontend” is now “Endeavor” in Tenuki admin menu.
– “Tenuki Endeavor” is now “Tenuki Themes” in Tenuki admin menu.
– Tenuki Ten-Net has been reverted to compatibility version 2.3 because of Stretch network interference.
– PHP root tools are now legacy, it will be automatically removed after Endeavor 4.1.2.
– Stretch network errors are no longer persistent.
– Fixed typeface (Case) and spelling errors.
– The font “Carnsy Sans” has been removed from TikTypeFace due to licensing. 

Stretch Networks

Stretch Version 2 Changelog

March 29th, 2019

– The Stretch Networks Plugin is now part of “Must Use” Tenuki Services, this will improve stability and speed.
– Updated persistent message if Stretch is running in Compatibility or Redundancy mode.
– Redundancy status message is no longer persistent, “mu-dismissable=true”.
– Bug fixes
– Stability improvements
– Manual zone changing is now available for Tenuki bases enrolled in the dev channel.

Tenuki Endeavor 1.4 & Tenuki 2.5.1 Changelog

March 5th, 2019

– Updated internal and frontend links to reflect Carnsy handover. If you find broken links please report it at https://365plus1.ca/support.
– Updated backend functions to support CMS Version 5.1.0 fixes.
– Fixed outdated UI to reflect Carnsy handover.
– Fixed link heavy menus, more local internal processing in place.
– Upper LinkTo section updated, now redirects to the homepage of Tenuki base.
– Fixed Tenuki version in admin panel footer displaying 1.x.x in place of correct values.
– Tenuki Services plugin updated to version 2.5.1, updated to support Tenuki 2.5.1. Package included with Tenuki 2.5.1.
– Stretch Network support added! Updated “Must Use” policy to include the “Stretch Services” package. Package included with Tenuki 2.5.1.
– Added message to admin panel footer indicating if a base is operated/managed by 365 Internet.
– New “Must Use” policy added for Main Host Dependencies package, this will change to reflect Tenuki base main server partner. Main Host Dependencies (Partner Host Name). Package included with Tenuki 2.5.1.
– Added persistent admin panel message if Ten-Net is disconnected or misconfigured.
– Dev Channel added.
– Spelling error fixed.
– CloudFlare settings adjusted to support stretch.
– Ended support for Carnsy developer id logins.
– MyDevBox support rolled back because of compatibility issues. (Currently Unavailable)
– Azi branding removed to reflect Carnsy handover.
– Added top bar menu to reflect the current channel of Tenuki base.

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