Stretch Network Hub

365Plus1 Stretch Network Server Status

All Stretch Clients Are Running Paring Compatibility Mode

Status: On Going
Concern: Low
Ex: Our partner network Google Cloud is currently experiencing a service reduction. This should not effect the performance of your Stretch client. This situation is ongoing.  

All Stretch Hosts are Working

Ex: All Stretch hosts are performing within guidelines. If you are having trouble with your Stretch Host please contact

Ten-Net is Online 

Ex: The Thirteen Secure Network powered by Stretch is fully operational.  

My365 Is Working Properly  

Ex: All clients should be able to access the full My365 panel  

The My DevBox Service Has Ended 

Status: Indefinite
Conern: None 
Ex: 365Plus1 has discontinued the My DevBox service effective February 2nd, 2019. Please access your control panel at

Incident History

May 2, 2019
Ten-Net Maintenance
Identified: 11:47 PM EST
The Ten-Net network went down for scheduled maintenance for 3 hours. This was a result of Ten-Net switching from 365Plus1 servers to Thirteen’s secure network powered by Stretch.  
Resolved: 1:30 AM EST
The Ten-Net transfer has completed ahead of schedule, all systems operational.   
March 17, 2019
Stretch Zone 2 CDN Failure
Identified: 9:57 AM EST
Our CDN partner for Stretch Zone 2, CloudFlare, is currently rerouting traffic away from Canadian servers. Your Stretch client should automatically adjust CDN traffic to our Zone 1 partner, Amazon CloudFront.
Resolved: 6:34 PM EST
CloudFlare has resumed normal traffic flow, your Stretch client should automatically revert to the proper paring once the CloudFlare network meets Stretch performance guidelines. 

Report A Problem

We at 365Plus1 take quality very seriously, if you are experiencing issues with your Stretch or 365Internet please let us know. If you think your Stretch Host is not meeting expectations, report it below. For 365Internet subscribers, you can always contact your 365 adviser and make them aware of your issue. 

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