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Tenuki is unlike anything else on the market today! Tenuki is feature-rich but remains lightweight, easy to work on independently or as part of a team. Tenuki offers many special versions including Tenuki Edition, Pb, Xe.


365Internet is a web design and hosting service. First in class, all-inclusive packages available that turn your vision into reality.

Aloe Interactive

Aloe is constantly evolving in size and project verity, Aloe is currently working on RavenM and their in house Vera Engine. Aloe Interactive is part owned by 365Plus1 and a private holder.

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365Plus1 Technologies is a Canadian software company specializing in web software and hardware management systems. The 365Plus1 Group was founded by our current CEO Bryan Scovell after his work at TechM Software, Mainlet Software and Carnsy Creative Energy Entertainment. DeveloperBox was created to handle the development of WebTouch, later becoming the Tenuki CMS platform. In late 2018 a game studio Aloe Interactive was founded by Bryan Scovell and his long-time business partner Iliad Shaghaghi, Aloe was a part of the 365Plus1 family. In 2019 the 365Plus1 group was moved under the Hydale-Kitson Holding Corporation and later joined the Saow Technolgy Group.


The 365Plus1 Group was officially acquired by the Hydale-Kitosn Holding Corporation on June 2, 2019. The 365Plus1 Group became 365Plus1 Technologies and the corporate structure was consolidated into the Saow Technology Group. To learn more about Hydale-Kitson and Saow please visit their website at hydalekitson.com

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