Product With Passion

The 365Plus1 Ventures Corporation is a North American investment and holding company specializing in the technology industry. 365Plus1 wholly owns DeveloperBox Software, known for their powerful state of the art CMS and web frontend platform Tenuki™. 365Plus1 operates the 365Internet web management program in conjunction with DeveloperBox. 365Plus1 believes in innovation and supporting new ideas, we are a proud stakeholder in Aloe Interactive, a Canadian game studio behind popular multiplayer modifications and electronic entertainment titles. Big thinking lives here.

365Plus1 also funds many small software and hardware projects, please visit the projects page for updated info.

Sustainability at 365Plus1

On our mission for new ideas, 365Plus1 is committed to making a difference one dollar at a time. Sustainable Investing is our focus, taking on global challenges requires stability and diversity, one of the many core values at 365Plus1.

Get funded with 365Plus1

365Plus1 is always looking for new talent and ideas. If you think we might be interested in your idea or active project please complete the form linked below. Don’t just dream, change the world.

Big Thinking Lives Here